Psycho at East Hampton Shed & Tow, 2020, New York – Photos on Tzvetnik Jonny Campolo, Hot Salad, 2019 Tisch Abelow Joshua Abelow Phillip Hinge Michael Stamm and Lizzy Lehman, Barry Doupé, Chris Retsina, Ana Bial, Jonny Campolo Temporary Resting Place at 3434, 2019, New York   Jonny Campolo, Varsity Blues, 2018 Nick Fusaro, Jonny Campolo, Gretta Johnson Jonny Campolo, Bad Kisser, 2018 Jonny Campolo, Andy Cahill, Joshua Abelow   Grand Buffet at Baba Yaga, 2019, New York Jonny Campolo, Flasher, 2018  Josie Keefe  Nathaniel de Large Tisch Abelow Jashin Friedrich  Jonny Campolo Scarecrow Show at Green Thumb Farm, curated by Abby Lloyd and Hadley Vogel, 2019, New York – Photos on Art Viewer Jonny Campolo, Scary Face, 2019 Larissa Lockshin, Jonny Campolo, Brigid Moore